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Plastic surgeon getting ready for surgery
Portrait of professional doctor, plastic surgeon getting ready for surgery and wearing sterile scrubs

Rhinoplasty surgery is very common in Brazil. The nose is an important part of the face to be perceived as symmetrical and unfortunately, many are unsatisfied with their noses and often patients experiencing their nose is too big.  You can modify your nose in several ways – reducing the size, change the tip of the nose, making it narrower or remove a lump. It is also common to correct the breathing problem by straightening a crooked septum. The nose is an important part of the face to be perceived as symmetrical. Unfortunately many are dissatisfied with their noses and often it is that patients experience their noses too big and rhinoplasty offers methods to shorten the nose.

About the surgery

The surgery require a skilled surgeon. Depending on the perceived problem the procedure – usually the big noses but it can also involve a cartilage reduces king, noses with humps, or the tip of the nose to correct. Nose Surgery is often performed under general anesthesia and sedative drugs and in some cases only local anesthesia. The operation lasts between 30 minutes and 3 hours depending of engagement.

Different methods

There is a distinction between closed methods which make an incision inside the nose (incision, which will leave a final scar), and open methods often give better results and more flexibility for the surgeon.

  • Endonasal technique – incision inside the nostrils
  • Open technique – which is made through a small incision at the front of the partition between the nostrils.

It is common to combine rhinoplasty with other treatments in the face or with liposuction.



Recommendations Rhinoplasty


1. Follow instructions from your doctor and hospital.
2. Communicate with your clinic and doctor any abnormalities.
3. Do not eat or smoke at least 8 hours before the procedure and you do not need to bring valuables to the hospital.
5. Avoid use of rings earrings, rings, piercings, colored nail polish, etc. Any of these will be removed before surgery.
6. Do not take any drugs or medications 10 days before the scheduled surgery and speak with your doctor about your medicines.

1. Apply ice 30 minutes every 2 hours
2. Try to avoid activity for 30 days.
3. Do not lower your head for 15 days unless specific guidance of the surgeon.
4. Sleep and keep the position of your head high.
5. Get up as often as is recommended by him the hospital, according to the periods spent lying or sitting-
6. Do not expose yourself to the sun for a minimum period of 180 days (use filters or sunblocks).
7. Follow the prescription.
8. Return to the clinic for subsequent healing accordning to schedule.
9. Take any questions that may arise with your surgeon.
10. Normal diet (except in special cases). We recommend a diet with high protein (meat, eggs, milk) as well as the use of fruit.
11. Wait to do your “diet or weight loss regime” after the medical release.



Rhinoplasty like any surgery, has risks and complications, some of it specific and others generic to any type of surgery like allergies, scars, infections, seroma and thrombosis that can cause emboli.

This post is also available in: en