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håravfall_man2Hair loss and hair transplants

Today it is possible to make amazing things with the help of modern hair restoration techniques. With a hair transplant, you can for example, lower the temples or hairline, recreate the vortex on the crown. The technique involves moving hair follicles individually from the back of the head to the front – but it is not possible to transplant hair follicles from another person. The results vary individually from patient to patient – each hair follicle moved’re a small organ, and therefore, one must be very careful with how your hair is transplanted. The hair follicles moved will stay permanently but your hair loss is a process that will continue, which means that many do multiple surgeries during her life.

– Unfortunately, it is common that patients have unreasonable demands on what a hair transplant can do for them. A hair transplant solve any problems with your hair loss but it is definitely not the solution to social problems. One challenge for hair restoration clinics is to get customers to have reasonable expectations on his hair transplant.

Basically there are two types of transplants FUT (also called strip) and FUE which is non-invasive hair transplantation. In Europe more and more people want FUE.

Eyebrow transplants

Many want to have fuller, thicker eyebrows. Hair transplantation of eyebrows is possible but it is a quite difficult treatment to get a natural result and one challenge is that the hairs grow in different directions. The method used is often FUE ie taking hair follicles from another part of the body, usually the back of the head. An alternative is to tattoo eyebrows – there is more or less skilled salons to get it to look natural.

This post is also available in: en sv