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During breast lift (mastopexy), the surgeon removes the epidermal skin to give a firmer breasts and reduce the overhang. The procedure is performed to lift and shape the bust and can be done both with and without implants with chest expander and prosthesis. Many women choose to do the surgery after breast feeding and weight gain, ie situations where the skin has been stretched. The procedure is regarded as a simple surgery to improve the appearance of your breasts. The surgeon removes the skin. Breast lift is often done at a combination treatment together when changing breasts during a breast reduction or enlargement.

Breast lift in Brazil

Brazilian plastic surgeons performed 139 835 breastlift procedures in 2013 according to statistics from ISAPS.

Different types of breast lift

There are different types of breast lift example lollipop breast lift, lift anchor, etc (see the video).

This post is also available in: en