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When performing a breast lift (mastopexi) the epidermal skin is removed to give a firmer breasts and reduce the overhang. The procedure is performed to lift, stabilize and shape of the breast and can be done both with and without implants, and you can use expanders and breast prostheses.

Breast enhancement means improving breast volume, helps mastopexy to correct the sagging breasts and give them a fresher look like:

  • Raise sagging breasts
  • Correct asymmetric breast
  • Enhance breast contour
  • Improving breast firmness and create upper fullness
  • Give a shapely bust line

Many women choose to do the surgery after breast feeding and weight gain, ie situations where the skin has been stretched. Some choose surgery when they want to have more symmetrical breasts. The operation counts as a simple surgery to improve the appearance of the breasts. The surgeon removes skin. Breast lift is often done in combination with other treatments.

A mastopexy procedure usually requires three incisions around the areola, vertically down from the areola and horizontally along the breast crease. This type of breast surgery involves lifting and reshaping of the underlying breast tissue. Thereafter, the movement of the nipple and areola, and removal of excess breast skin. After the excess skin is removed pulled the remaining skin tightened.

There are different types of breast lift example lollipop breast lift, anchor lift, etc. (see the video).

In the first months after breast lift scars will be red and lumpy and it’s up to you to take care of them so they heal and fade in a good way. Talk to your doctor about the after care for example surgical tape during the first few months.

This post is also available in: en