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Breast correction and plastic surgery
Breast correction and plastic surgery

Breast enlargements and breast surgeries are among the most common treatments for women and many do in order to change the shape of your breasts or get bigger breasts. The aim is to change the shape or size of their breasts with implants and prostheses to get a more feminine breast contour. And really, the shape is more important than size.

There are different types of breast implants and in various sizes and implants are teardrop shaped. You have to decide what size you want, in consultation with the doctor and some clinics are using 3D simulation to see the results before breast enlargement. Different vendors have different quality of implants and various surgeons’ performance varies. Breast augmentation with silicone or fat transfer is most common but saline has historically been in use.

Breast procedures and breast enlargements in Brazil

Total breast procedures in cosmetic operations in Brazil was 546 260 in 2015. Brazilian plastic surgeons performed 158,950 breast augmentaiton procedures with silicone in 2015 according to statistics from ISAPS.

Reasons to make breast augmentation

There are several reasons for you to make a breast augmentation:

  • Maybe you want to increase the breast size
  • Fill out sagging breasts, for example. after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or after major weight loss
  • Fix breast asymmetry
  • To recreate one or both breasts after breast tumor.

Material used for breast enlargements

Surgery for breast enlargement consists in the placement of a silicone prosthesis in bilateral mammary regions.

Different type of material:

  • Implants with saline
  • Implants with silicone gel
  • Expandable implant with a combination of saline and silicone

It is common practice in many countries to use implants that are approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Always ask questions about the material to get quality!

Fantastic Four Of Breast Procedures Leave Women Extremely Satisfied, Study Finds

Breast augmentation, lift, combination lift/augmentation and reduction achieve high satisfaction rates; enhance self-esteem and quality of life; and 99 percent of women would have their surgery again. Read article in Sciencedaily.

Breast Lift

When breast lift molds it on the body and the surgery is done under general anesthesia.
Read more about breast lift.

Breast augmentation cost

For prices for breast enlargement cost and breast enlargement surgery please send us a request.

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