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O Brasil é um dos principais países no número de procedimentos cirúrgicos e não cirúrgicos de cosméticos.

Brasil congratula-se com 50.000 + viajante médicos todos os anos. No Brasil eles realizados 1.491.721 procedimentos cirúrgicos totais em 2013, que é de 12,9% do total mundial. Isso dar-lhes uma classificação de n º 1 no mundo. Na 2a lugar são os EUA com 1452 356 procedimentos cirúrgicos. No entanto, nos Estados Unidos eles usam mais procedimentos não-cirúrgicos como botox.

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Cirurgiões plásticos no Brasil
Procedimentos de mama
Procedimentos cirúrgicos
Non-Surgical Procedures

Cirurgia plástica no Brasil

With over 50 000+ médicos turistas todos os anos, O Brasil é o destino do mundo para fazer cirurgia plástica.

Picture about cosmetic surgery in Brazil


Liposuction removes fat from your body using suction. It is a common method in cosmetic surgery and it is also known as lipoplasty, fat modeling or smart lipo. You can use the method for your arms and there are different methods like laser lipo.Read more
Picture about cosmetic surgery and breast surgery in Brazil

Cirurgia de mama

Aumento da mama e mamoplastia de aumento são termos de cirurgia plástica para o implante de mama. Um implante mamário é uma prótese usada para alterar o tamanho, forma e textura.

Leia mais sobre diferentes tipos de cirurgia de mama: 
Aumento da mama, Redução de mama,  reconstrução de mama e elevador do peito.

Picture about cosmetic surgery in Brazil


Saiba mais sobre a cirurgia de plástica de pálpebra (blefaroplastia) sobre o procedimento com a parte superior ou inferior elevador da pálpebra, custo da cirurgia, recuperação, complicações, riscos e muito mais. Leia mais


A rinoplastia ou plástica no nariz, é um procedimento plástico para corrigir e reconstruir a forma, restaurando as funções e melhorar esteticamente o nariz. Read more

Abdominoplasty  (“Tummy Tuck”)

Abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to make the abdomen thinner and more firm.
Read more

Botulinum Toxin

Non-invasive procedures and fillers like Botox and hyaluronic Acid are gaining popularity.
Read more
Picture about cosmetic surgery and liposuction in Brazil



The surgery to liposuction or liposculpture involves removing fat from the body. Liposuction is the most common surgicalprocedure in Brazil

Modern plastic surgery

Surgery is performed to change a person’s appearance. There are different types of plastic surgery such as breast enlargement, botox, liposuction. Non-invasive treatments, ie, milder forms of treatments, has become popular and is often effective treatments. Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly common to reduce the signs of aging from sagging skin and wrinkles to get a slimmer body.

Earlier plastic surgery was often extreme, while modern procedures are performed with the goal that the result should look natural. Trying to look 15 years younger than your biological age is perhaps not the ultimate situation – modern surgery is based on your individual characters and age.

The goal for a plastic surgery  is to make you look fresher and keep a natural look – or simply that the doctor corrects perceived shortcomings. New treatments that once were reserved for celebrities has become more common among common people and plastic surgery can solve many things – often with almost invisible scars.

Checklist – questions to ask your surgeon.
  • What is the doctor’s experience? Is the surgeon certified?

  • Clinic – do they have hospital privileges to perform this procedure?

  • Surgical team are they trained specifically in the field of plastic surgery?

  • Do they have Top Notch Support Service?

  • How long is the recovery?

How much can you save?

Prices vary widely Brazil depending on specialities and procedures. Compared with the US avarage range of savings 20-45%. According to the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgeons, a facelift in Rio costs about $8,000 compared to almost $15,000 (£9,000) in California. But the prices depend on the clinic and there are clinics that charge prices at the same level as top Hollywood or NYC clinics in the US. Many surgeons are board certificated by Brazil Society Plastic Surgery and American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
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Plastic surgery in Rio de Janeiro

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